The Post With Everything Inside

by Rie

I wish I could tell you I was reading something.

I’m not.

I’m too busy being lazy and thinking of things to actually do anything productive. Kinda makes you feel like a philosopher who is too busy deciphering the inherent contradictions in everything to actually do something, you know, useful.

Not to knock on philosophers, of course. I’m being more self-deprecating than anything. I mean, I loved to pick apart life last time. Spin a nice yarn on my theories. Waste my time in my head (an empty space where I hear my own voice, mostly). And hearing, after the millionth time, my own voice shout and say, “Your opinion on this doesn’t matter!” Arms flail wildly. “Spend your time on something constructive! Economy schmeconomy. Politics schmolitics.”

Then, you just realise people generally suck and life becomes good again. It’s an interesting paradox.

Oh, to digress, I find it funny that I’m studying to become a vet but am so emotionally invested in education. Back up, take a look at everything and you realise that education is the root of every single thing.

So, yeah, smarter people than I can bother themselves with the intricacies of economics and politics. It just makes me a giant squid of anger (woo nerdfighteria!) and I’d rather not be.

This post may not make sense because I’ve just had my Q Fever shot two days ago and spend my time in bed brooding about the swelling of my left arm and my backache and the headache.

I found out I can’t stand on my hands with a swollen upper arm. Then again, I never could stand on my head.

I’ll go…do stuff. Dear gosh, it’s kinda late and I didn’t study at all today.

Bad vet student, bad.