The curtain fal…

by Rie

The curtain falls on my Easter hols.

I’m really hoping that rhymes in your mind. I like finding things that rhyme in articles. It makes one small part of my brain giggle. That’s usually quite enough to make me happy.

Wasn’t very productive. I try and justify my copious servings of Naruto with my need to read and write. And what better way to be inspired than by reading Naruto? Well-developed world, quite well-fleshed out characters. There is a difference between manga and novels though, so I’ll ignore everything about pacing and internal monologues and such. I think I’ve digressed. Anyway, I mean to say that I’ve wasted my time but in a way that I don’t quite feel like I’ve wasted my time. I can’t decide if that’s bad.

I still can’t wait to go back home but I do realise I’m happy here. I can deal with video chatting every night and staying logged on on Facebook forever. The friends I have here are pretty cool. Safe to say, I’m learning to be quite social as well.

Time to roll up the sleeves and get back to work this week. Non-stop 9 to 5 days. And Camden on Thursday! That should be fun, if not tiring.

I hope the former outweighs the latter.

And I went to the Easter Show! That was pretty brilliant. But I wish things weren’t so spread out and it’d be nice if there were more things on animals. I mean, they did have animals. I love animals and spending time with them but staring at them while they’re in their pens looking guarded isn’t so fun.

Back to my current state of inactivity!