Horses and Shoes and Exams

by Rie

Point 1. Steel-capped boots can hurt. Bad. Even if you get them in your size. Even if they fit well at first. Then you walk around in them and they pinch and they chafe. I may get another pair a size up.

But they protect my feet! Which brings me to point 2. I’ve decided I love horses. They can be awful bullies (in a good but also possibly dangerous way) when you’re not in control. And they sensed my discomfort almost immediately. That happened with the first mare, the one who took me for a ride around her paddock. Or, rather, she confused the heck out of me while I was supposed to be the one leading her around the paddock. She also bumped me with her body and her head.

They’re still lovely, lovely creatures though. I found my hands running all over necks while the instructors were talking. Their manes aren’t quite what TV makes them out to be, though. I may be stating the obvious but workhorses don’t have silky manes. Their hair is rather straggly in fact. The horse’s hoof also looks more and more like a giant toenail to me. That’s what it is. But still! Giant toenail!

I took the train for part of the way to Cobbity. I tried to study. I didn’t succeed. That brings me to point 3. I have a feeling I’ve got to lower my expectations a bit. If I don’t study for my exams, I shouldn’t expect to do as well as I did for my A-levels. They’re different playing fields. A-levels was familiar, the classes were smaller, there were loads of past year papers – I knew what people expected of me. Here? I’m not sure. I hope that I did well for Cell Bio. Well enough that I won’t have to push too hard during finals.

Push that hope to the back of my mind? Tell myself smarter people than me have failed? Tempting.

And then there’s that Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Mid-Sem coming up in 3 days. Three. Days.

Three days I don’t have full possession of.