I think I’ll b…

by Rie

I think I’ll be posting more as my exams draw near. I’ve blocked off several cyber spaces in an attempt to study and that has forced me to find refuge in newly discovered sites.

I’ll have to block them off too.

If you’re a friend of mine, you’ve probably heard me grumble about exams, so I’ll spare the silence of the Internet my tirade. I will say this, though: they sound brutal. Perhaps that’s only because I’ve only recently started studying?

I’ve also got to clean my boots. Again. It could almost, almost be a metaphor of a sort because of the number of times I tell people I’m going to clean my boots. It’s funny how you can derive meaning from almost everything. Quite like how John Green does these fantastic ‘Thoughts from Places’ videos. Maybe I could mean to say that I’m incinerating all the debris in my life every time I clean my boots.

(This reminds me of all the Malay proverbs I had to spew into my essays e.g., whoever eats chilli feels the spice. It has a better ring to it in Malay, I promise, and some proverbs are way more obscure.)

That makes me think of thinking and meaning. It’s funny how we extrapolate things. Does the author’s message overrule what the reader perceives? Oh, and read this. I was thinking about it as I wrote yesterday.

It’s amazing how applicable it can be to everyday life. Everything can have another meaning and sometimes it has none. No significance whatsoever.

But we pour ideas we cherry-pick into our mind and smoke them. Make them relevant and throw the ideas high into the air. Catch the ones that fall by our feet. Clutch them to our chests and believe them to be real. Ignore context although it is everything.

That’s what we do. I think that’s what we’ve always done.

Additional note: I think it’s funny that my last sentence disproves almost everything I wrote in this post. Not ha-ha funny. Just, you know, funny. I begin to think that some books shouldn’t be published because everything in it could be written for the author. But I’ll put that idea aside.