I went to the l…

by Rie

I went to the library yesterday in the light rain and picked up 3 books. I didn’t mean to borrow 3, I just did. I smiled and hummed all the way home. Black Heart by Holly Black was on the shelves, you see, and that was a brilliant surprise. Once I’m done with Animal Husbandry, I shall dive into that world.

Talked to the sister and a few friends yesterday. It’s brilliant, really. 4 Facebook conversations open at one time and talking time away with the funniest, best people in the world. I’m lucky, I really am. I even managed to squeeze in studying and I actually sort of get muscle physiology.

On a more random note, I found myself humming ‘You’re So Vain’ yesterday. I think Matthew McConaughey’s wedding did that. You know, because of that movie with Kate Hudson. Was it Kate Hudson? I forgot. It wasn’t that great a movie. But I was thinking that I should write a song like that one day! It feels more like a prank than a song. Oodles of fun.

Okay, that last paragraph was a bit lame. The whole post is, I admit. But it matters not. I can be cool or whatever another day.