by Rie

I’m reluctant to write this post because I’m lazy and contented.

Just know that I am home. There have been touches of change here and there; a new sofa in the living room, a new light fixture in the bedroom, a new bone for my dog (a bone I had to wrest out of the jaws of red ants because she left it unattended).

I am melting because of the temperature. It’s so hot compared to Sydney. The haze makes it worse. The haze makes everything worse.

Regardless, being home feels like a dream. The first day I was here, I walked about as if I wasn’t actually here. I wasn’t sure if I existed or if I was a figment of someone’s imagination or if I were merely dreaming in a space far away. It was an odd feeling. Still, with good food in my belly and the company of family and the three I’ve missed (I haven’t seen one in person yet but I’ll see him soon!), I am happy.

Have I mentioned that my muscles are aching because of the Kinect? No? Well, now you know.

No matter. I’m not thinking much of it anyway. Tis the balm of home.