To be kind is t…

by Rie

To be kind is to say that stupidity doesn’t exist.

That was an overly general statement to make. And one that’s not necessarily factual. Still, it was the first thing that came to mind when I started typing.

Clicking about the Internet makes me frustrated with the world. I can’t help but think how stupid everyone is and how stupid they must (would) find me.

No, ma’am, you cannot spew vitriol here and pretend to be an angel there. No, people of Facebook, just no. (There are just so many annoying things on Facebook.) I won’t get started on personal blogs because that’s what you’re reading right now. (My only real complaint is embedded music and sparkly pixels that trail my cursor.)

But I realise that my opinion doesn’t matter.

I’m not being pessimistic this time, I promise. It really doesn’t. What I think about a subject doesn’t matter as much as what you think (to you, at least). I’m cool with that.

On another note, I’m still home! Cuddled the dogs. Played games on the Kinect. Hung out with friends. Said hi to people. Almost constantly around family. Life’s good.

I think I’m becoming less coherent though. But that’s for another day.