I’ve only got …

by Rie

I’ve only got a week left of Miri. I’ve also got the flu. I will not let it bring me down.

Besides, the oven just got fixed! And I’ve become a little more hardworking.

The WIP sitting on my desktop wouldn’t believe you though. In 3 weeks, I’ve written a little over a thousand words and only a third of those words actually belonged in the story.

As a general update, I’ve been eating, sleeping, writing, talking, drawing, playing since I’ve last posted. I don’t want my hols to end.

But one must progress.

Classes to go to, jobs to work, friends to see.

Thinking about it makes me wish I could combine my life in Sydney with my life in Miri. I’m pretty repetitive, so you’ve probably heard me say that a dozen times.

Anyway, I will leave my laptop now to grab breakfast. Someone remind me to do something productive in my last week.