I can’t rememb…

by Rie

I can’t remember what I’ve written on my blog so far. I’m drowsy with my mind thinking only of staying awake and thinking. Neither are very productive.

So, here I am attempting to make some use of my mind. I’m writing.

I sometimes become frustrated when I read my blog posts because most of them lack structure and direction. (It probably comes with the fact that my mind holds a mishmash of random ideas and thoughts. In one corner, books, in another, current events, in another, people.)

It just occurred to me that I could take a page out of Professional Practice and sort my mind out. Except that I don’t quite believe that things work by the book. Maybe sometimes they do. I’m not entirely sure.

And I just read that Lee Chong Wei is advancing to the finals! (My excitement may end in misery, so I’ll say nothing else.)

I think I’ll clean my room tomorrow. Messy room, messy mind. Yes, I am blaming my room. Never mind that my brain has been like this for as long as I remember.

Flexing my fingers and shaking fatigue off. I’ve got a different sort of writing to do now. I hope it gets somewhere. Anywhere would be a good place, really.