Well, hi there….

by Rie

Well, hi there.

I haven’t been able to read my own blog. This, you might expect, baffles me.

In any case, I will do this thing with the updating and the chronicling and the remembering. Tis the charm of diaries and the like.

As of today, I have worked as a tutor, written little, read a lot, debated a bit, and studied none. I’m working on the studying thing.

The tutor thing is satisfying. Teaching an entire class is one thing. Having one student you can properly monitor is another. I like it. Never mind that I’m working on balancing my academic responsibilities and this job and my current extra-curricular activities. When best to do it than in first year, after all?

I really will have to buckle down and buck up, though. I may fail and that possibility is more real now than it ever has been. It’s annoying. And I will not fail.

On an adorable note, I received a picture of my dog yesterday. She’s as sweet as I remember. I miss home already.