by Rie

Sometimes when I read opinion pieces, I think, “I wonder who’s agreeing with him/her,” and “I wonder who’s not.”

I wonder what it takes to change someone’s mind. We read what we want to read, we see what we want to see, so on and so forth.

Then, something shatters the perfection and you stoop down low, knees on the ground, trying to figure out where everything should go.

I think that sounds rather pretentious. The idea is, however, a bit of a celebrity in my mind. I think about it constantly. I weigh the opinions of others against my own even if they are feather light or spoken with little intent. Sometimes I feel that it troubles me because I can’t sit in something completely secure.

The shattering of perfection is a recent addition, though. I never thought that I’d be as vulnerable as I was. It has less relevance to serious political/economic/other cerebral issues than it does to how my emotions sit in me. That’s troubling. (Not just because my emotions dip low, as they so often do this semester, it’s the fact that I have less control over my actions and words.)

So, yeah. Ahem. I’ll return to wading through information on beef cattle. Excitement.