The world is bu…

by Rie


The world is built for extroverts, or, at least, introverts who have the energy to masquerade as extroverts. I’m not actually going to talk about that, though. This is my blog, I will be self-centred. Besides, I can’t speak with authority about anyone but myself.

I don’t think a lot of people understand that I can tolerate maybe 3-5 people at a time, maybe more if I’ve got someone around me. The someone I’m thinking of is a bit introverted, too, though, so we’d probably just be able to handle 3-5 people better.

Quality over quantity?

The other person that comes to mind (I will call her C for the rest of this blog’s lifespan) is worse than me in some ways. I consistently converse with people, at least; she is social for these random, short bursts. However, there’s a reason I call her Silly Glue, she sticks people together and is silly enough that I can happily blend in the background.

In any case, I was thinking about this because of something that was said yesterday evening at dinner. (Some background: I live in a residential college.) It was implied that going to parties is good because it makes the party good etc., and this makes for a better community (this is what I took away from the conversation, anyway).

All I can say is, I don’t know, man. It’s some community you have there when you don’t take into account people who don’t necessarily enjoy excessive human interaction or loud music or dancing or drinking or whatever carries on at parties.

It’s easy to say that I’d like it if I tried it. I have. Being forced to endure what a party is (or even what a fancy dinner is) for its entirety without any chance of escape is equivalent to subjecting me to torture. Perhaps the same kind of torture any extrovert would encounter should he or she be locked in a room for 24 hours with nothing but music or books. I’d argue that the extrovert avoids such situations and simply seeks human company. Yet, it’s never, “Gasp! You’re hanging out with people, again!” but there’s a sort of social stigma attached to, “Why do you like being alone so much?”.
I am indulging in a little melodrama here.

Anyway, I can tell you that I have happily skipped proms with no effect to both my mental health and my social life. And, come on, I like people well enough that I’m nice to them. There’s also this odd loyalty complex I have that compels me to sort of stick it out and take care of people. (It’s ridiculous.)

With that, I will skip the party next Friday. I will head to the library and borrow a new book, make myself a cup of tea, and read. Hands down, the best kind of Friday night there is.