So, I met a cute chick

by Rie

Sydney was sweltering on Wednesday. Of course, we had a chicken prac in the middle of that sweltering weather.

Latex gloves and sweat dripping off my brow don’t mix. At one point, sweat started getting in my eye and I couldn’t brush any of it away because I had just handled follicles and a dead chicken.

There was also a particularly angry chicken that leapt out of its cage at me before I could do the whole compress-wings-take-chicken-out-tuck-under-arm-hold-legs-perfect. On the bright side, I got a chick to fall asleep in my hand. A day-old chick!

I would have taken a picture but, you know, adorable chick sleeping in hand. I didn’t want to wake it up.

It did think my birthmark was food though. I won’t hold it against its yellow fluffy cuteness.