by Rie

This will sound like a completely ludicrous but my brain likens K-pop to classical music.

And this will sound possibly more ludicrous but my theory is that, in a way, K-pop is classical music to my brain. Mostly because I don’t understand a thing the artist is singing and their voices are typically overproduced. I tried English dance music with similar beats etc., it doesn’t work.

Maybe it’s just me because I consider lyrics pretty darn important. Improper wording always ticks me off.

Oh, anyway, the main point of this post is that I’ve been listening to hours of K-pop and classical music and English songs while studying to test my theory. Was this distracting? Yes.

But it wasn’t boring! Points for that.

1 more week to exam! 3 more weeks to Malaysia!

I can do this. Yup. Totally can.