For Future Reference…

by Rie

Cows are complicated.

So, husbandry. That’s not going too well.

I’m only on page…16 of the ‘Beef Cattle Production’ study guide. Trying to weed out the unnecessary stuff and understand whatever I’ve decided isn’t worth remembering.

What I’ve gleaned so far:

1) Beef cattle need to have big butts. Most cattle do not have big butts and producers want them to have big butts. Why? Um, something about muscling scores and higher dressing percentage.

2) Cattle need to be cross bred because to be purebred is to be inbred. Remembering this by likening it to an incestuous royal family. (Ha. I can so do this.)

3) Asian cows are amazingly resilient. No food, no water, no problem. Also resistant to ticks and tropical parasites. (Childishly giggling that Asian cows fit the Asian stereotypes. No fun, no sleep, no problem. Survival all the way.)

That’s really all I gleaned from the entire morning.