by Rie

I have a love-hate relationship with politics.

On one hand, I believe that politicians are generally pretty awesome people. On other hand, they’re pretty darn…not. I can’t think of the antithesis of awesome. “Suck” doesn’t carry the intended meaning. Will have to get back to you on that.

The way I see it, the world is slowly leaning one way in thought. People on both sides call names and make assumptions before understand anything. A person uncomfortable with homosexuality? Bigot. Never mind background or giving him a chance to – oh, I don’t know – change his mind. The extremely liberal with morals that hang lower than the skin of a Bos indicus cow? Idiots. Never mind background (again) or understanding reasons for choices or – again! – allowing him room to change his mind.

The world seems like a very difficult place to change your mind in.

This also explains why I take forever to choose what to order at restaurants. In the line at the cafeteria, it takes only marginally less time to choose between chicken and fish. Difficult stuff.

And if that’s difficult, imagine politics. Never going to be a politician. Ever.