by Rie

would have updated earlier. I really would have.

But, nope, WordPress wasn’t working for a while. I have no clue if it was the site’s problem or the crummy internet I get back home. I can’t even update apps! Does that make any sense?

Oh, yeah, home. I’ve been back for a week. It’s nice. Compound the laidback pace of Miri with the freedom to do whatever I want and eat as much Asian food I want – you’d get a pretty darn good week.

I’ve also got this adorable little black and white girl who looks like she’s wearing trousers because she likes to sit in her dirt hole. (I maintain her claim to royalty. Princesses can be dirty. I just sounded retarded, didn’t I?) Not to leave the small, white one out, he’s cute.

Anyway, I’ve realised one (incredibly obvious) thing: I learn things in university! I have actually accumulated knowledge I am unlikely to forget. (Granted, I remember lots of useless stuff but it’s still knowledge and that makes it cool! Yes, I’m also a nerd.)

So, guess what I did! I’m taking extra courses that won’t give me any credit! I still have to watch lectures and do homework, though. Oh, I’ve also decided to learn a host of other random things. It’ll be brilliant!

To jump to another random note, stuff here is cheap especially when compared to Sydney. Think about it! My family ate a dinner at a restaurant for RM 60. That’s AUD 20!

I’m going to jump to another random thing now. That thing’s not blogging. Whoa. The word jump makes me think of transposons.

Till next time!