by Rie


Granted, I didn’t do as well as I would have wanted to.

Given the labour input, though, I’m all right.

I mean, dude, I managed to keep jobs and lazing and…I can’t remember what else I’ve done. But this is me when I’m most optimistic. Ask me in 10 days and I’ll probably tell you that I should’ve done better regardless.

Anyway, with uni out of the picture, I will now push my writing and random-ness into the forefront. That will commence…now.

I’m trying to do that thing with writing in which I don’t flit from project to project (hard). This includes a hard rewrite of what used to be my favourite project. I’m going to consider it writing practice and see what I can finish this month. I’ve also dusted off my tablet and am practising drawing more complex things with it. (Previously, my tablet was a tool to draw adorable things like hedgehogs. Now it’s drawing koalas and cats. Anthropomorphic koalas and cats. It’s also a people drawing tool.)

Oh, and I’m doing the school planner again! But I have no clue what direction I’m heading in terms of its design. Will need to figure that out. Soon.

On a less-right-brained note, I’m still working on those courses but the lectures won’t load with my Internet connection. It sucks. But I’ll get something out of it, darn it. Also, reading tons, learning tons. It’s nice to get stuff in such an erratic manner. Not sure how much I’ll get out of it, though.

Less nerd-wise, I’m been watching Modern Family. That show is good.

To be honest, this post is definitely one of those more-for-me-less-for-you things. (Did I need that many hyphens? Not sure.) I kinda feel like my holiday needs to be more productive, y’know? But, as I typed the above, I’ve realised that the many things I’ve mentioned above have been pulling me in so many directions I feel a bit scattered. Will need to rework that.

Also, my dog is still cute. Just saying.