by Rie

So, I’m holiday-ing.

Not particularly good at it. I’m reclining in this fun recliner that actually reclines. That’s the highlight of my holiday so far. Not to mention the food. The abundance of food, however, makes it hard to talk about food. I’m so full. The question is now more likely “What have you not eaten?” as opposed to “What have you eaten?”.

There are no pictures because, y’know, that’s not my thing.

I vow to post more pictures next year! Tis better than to have your vision swim in my words and my words alone, after all.

So, part 2! In this time of relaxation, I have been scrolling through my news feed more frequently. This was a bad idea since, well, the most annoying people are typically the most active. Truth. (I have a feeling I’ve said this before. It’s okay. Things can be emphasised this way.)

That brings me to the thought of the day: People have no idea what it means to measure themselves by the same stick they use to measure others.

I mean, you can’t in one post whinge about a person’s lack of respect for you when you clearly have no respect for them. I’m thinking of one person in particular here (no, wait, just thought of another one) who has earned my revulsion. I don’t know if she has earned it fairly but, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want her around me. Too much self-importance swirling around one person, you see.

Yes, your posts on your distinct aversion to authority are popular. I’m sure many feel the way you do. No, you can’t expect the people in positions of authority to reward you for it.

My only reward for you is my two cents. (Except I’m pretty sure you’d return it which is pretty good since it’s ridiculously hard to find one cent coins these days.)

Part 3! I’m no good at being social. Reinforced prior knowledge.