New Year Ramblings

by Rie

It’s been a week past new year. I figured it was best to write about the new year a week after the whole head twisting feeling of 2012’s-gone-and-I-did-nothing.

You see, I’ve always thought that New Year’s resolutions should be written with the blind optimism of the new year. So, I did that within the first two hours. A week later and I’m sitting with a list trying to decide the viability of each resolution and the likelihood of succeeding. (I’m competing with myself and time, you see. I hate losing.)

There is no way to continue that tangent in an interesting way (especially considering what I did), so topic change!

My dog had calculus (hardened tartar) cracked off of his tooth yesterday. It was Awesome. Capital A justified. For one thing, he was so much happier after. For two, the tartar looked fossilized. I geeked out. Well, yes, this is essentially admitting that this future vet has not kept close watch on her little dog’s dental health but, you know, it’s not entirely my fault that the little boy is so picky. I mean, Po’s teeth are fine! 1 out of 2 ain’t bad.

Also, today is writing day! So I’m going to do that after my breakfast. A few days of pushing through seem to be bearing fruit. I’m writing faster. My focus now is just to write everything down and edit later. It’ll work. Or so I promise myself.