by Rie

I kinda think this needs to be said.

The acceptance of things other than science is not the rejection of the intellectual.

Rather, I think, the assumption that science is the only thing to consider denotes the narrow scope of the mind despite the titles that may trail one’s name.

The world is interesting because of the cultures that pervade society. The rejection of such cultures is a choice, granted, and it’s a choice that some make freely. I have no particular qualms regarding this practice. I don’t particularly like it (now, anyway) but I’m in this state of mind in which disagreeing with me won’t push me into debate.

The realisation of such differences should mean that the rejection of your opinions and your beliefs should not push you into changing minds. There is room for persuasion, yes, but there is no room for belittlement due to your superiority complex. A sense of superiority that has been bestowed on you by universities and other similar-minded people, I’m sure.

To be honest, there isn’t any room for sane, stimulating conversation. I can sit and listen but I don’t speak because I feel I will be shouted down.

I’m pretty cool with that. I learn more from listening and developing my own ideas than speaking so loudly, I can only hear mine echo back.

(See what I did there? I coloured my words to hint my inclination.)

(Funnily enough, in this small space of virtual quiet, I can already hear my voice echo back at me.)

On a less serious (?) note, I’ve only got 6 weeks left in Malaysia. Cue the dramatic sighs.

I also don’t know how I feel about writing the way I do. There’s a certain honesty in plain words and I feel like these words of mine need to be dressed down.

I’m addicted to the Food Network. The Best Thing segment is the best thing ever. My gosh. I bet they were thinking, “We’re gonna make the best thing ever with this segment here,” when they started planning.

Because of this I want this donut-y thing with banana inside. And an Icebox Lemon Pie from a nice Southern lady. And sea urchin.