by Rie

The worst possible question to ask me is this: What would you change in the world? Implicitly, of course, you’re also expecting me to answer if I want to change the world.

And for someone who’s hardly apathetic, it’s probably weird that my first thought is, “I’ve got nothing.” Like all things, though, there are reasons.

It’s easy, you see, to quickly point out a flaw and say, “HERE! WE’LL FIX THIS!”

The next step for such a process is, “Wait. What the heck do we do now?”

That is my problem with such a question.

I hardly condemn idealism. Heck, this world is built on idealism. Beneath all the towering spires of glass idealism, however, are broken dreams and pessimism and the gravity of reality. So, idealism’s good but it takes actual thought (surprise, surprise) and clever engineering.

And now I’m bored of this and we’re going to talk about placements. Well, I’m going to. You just sit there and read.

Pigs were cute. The lessons were laid back. My clothes still smell. These three sentences do actually sum everything up.

Some cows were sweet, some were stubborn. I’m glad I didn’t have to bleed the poor girls. In part because I’m not sure how good I am at it but also because that means finishing earlier. Drafting in the sun without sunblock is inadvisable. I looked like Rudolph for quite a bit.

Crutched sheep. Clipped feet. Drenched ’em, too. Oh, and we slid down the chute. (It sounds like the shortest but it was actually pretty darn fun.)

It was nice to end the week with horses. Laid back like pigs but less smelly and with stuff to do and horses to rub. I think I’m actually getting a little better with them.

And that’s really all the vet-ish stuff you get. It’s the only vet-ish stuff you’ve really gotten for a good while, I’d dare say.

Classes start tomorrow. Maybe you’ll get more stuff, then. I’m actually thrilled to be back with books and doing stuff.

Mostly books but y’know.