by Rie

I feel like a broken record.

And I’m playing the odd sort of song that steals bits and pieces from the air with the hum of the original ditty in the background.

The posts here are a reflection of this, somewhat. I even feel like I’ve said something to this effect somewhere around here.

Anyway, it’s Easter break which is absolutely brilliant. Last week was one of those weeks that feel mashed together between sleeps and sporadic meal times. I’m hoping to catch up on everything since I haven’t been studying but I have discovered that this may merely be a dream since I’ve been writing and drawing instead.

I remain hopeful, though. Even if that fails, I think my drawing has actually improved. Faster strokes and better approximations and better understanding. Still, the writing bit has remained stagnant and my wielding of words has grown rusty with time, so I suppose that sort of nullifies the satisfaction of drawing better.

I’m babbling again. Such a bad habit to indulge.

Back to the sheets of paper and carbon-stained fingers. Love breaks.