Week 10

by Rie

It’s already week 10 of semester 1!

Which is also the only reason I’m writing this.

I’m finding it hard to express original thought. The words that fall out of my mouth are things that have been brewing for days. There are more complex feelings and just things I want to say, but can’t.

I didn’t really realise this until yesterday.

So, you see, I have this friend. He is a veritable rock in my life right now. I cannot imagine this semester without him. Well, I could, but I think it would involve more hiding in my room and even longer silences. Anyway, point is, we were talking and I knew I had something to say but everything that came out was spastic and jumbled. Then, after he left, I got to thinking (as I am wont to do) and I realised I’ve actually been quieter in the past few week. Rather, I feel like the extroverted parts of me are automated and my brain wants nothing to do with said social parts.

(This is not to say I don’t adore my friends. The people in my life now are amazing and I love that I’ve become closer to more people this year. It’s just that I weary even more quickly of socialising and I feel even more that what I have to say has little value. Even typing these lines is ridiculously hard. I can’t think of what I’m trying to say.)

On the vet school side of things, the semester is jam-packed with information and requires tons of memory work. It requires a brain capacity that has been lacking this semester. This is frustrating for many reasons (among them being the fear of failing). It’s still fun, though.

You know, I thought that being in vet school would provide me all this fodder for blogging but I have very little to tell. We had dissections (which I couldn’t and wouldn’t post pictures of) and histology pracs (which would just bore you) and lectures (likewise). So, yup, I have zilch. Except that birds are cool.

Gosh, birds are cool.