I like how words carry thoughts and feelings.

by Rie

I like how words carry thoughts and feelings. I like how cleverly wielded words frame emotions so beautifully. I like the duality some words possess – the lightness and darkness of the slanting letters. I like the scribbles I have in the margins of my mind.

But I don’t like how some words have clustered; they weigh so much more in clusters. These words tumble out of corners as thoughts and demand I pay attention to them. I stare at them and freeze before I can pack them away again. Always, they cut me, even though they have no edges. (The letter and word ‘I’, though, would slice anyone.)

To digress, it’s weird that the bag of chemicals that is my brain works like this. It’s weird that a bag of chemicals is a person. Now I’m imagining us as plastic bags within plastic bags. Oddly, this makes sense.

Back to the dreary world of formatting notes now. I wish I were less picky about margins.