So…I’m home.This, quite oddly, is bittersweet.I have my

by Rie

So…I’m home.

This, quite oddly, is bittersweet.

I have my family, my dogs, and the familiarity of everything. I have time to rest and do the things I want.

Maybe it’s a good thing I have time to rest; I feel tired. I feel like I’m always tired.

It makes me think of lunch with my siblings in which my sister says, “Isn’t it weird that the best thing we’ve eaten here [today] is something that is unmarked by our memories?”

And for some reason that stuck with me because home represents a lifetime of memories. I don’t want to choke out another confession of vulnerability, so I’m digging my nails into my palms in silence and just trying to weather this.

I don’t know why I’m the way I am. It makes me wonder how other people function. I would imitate them in a heartbeat.

But, meanwhile, I guess, I’ll go give my dog another rub. She’s adorable.