Day 2

by Rie

Day 2 of Sem 2 of Year 2 is done with. It isn’t much of an occassion, per se, but it’s nice to take a break from the messiness of oh-my-gosh-everything-sounds-hard. So, here I am. Writing.

I’m doing that a lot these days. That’s nice.

But I am tired. I suppose that’s a given; holidays don’t teach you how not to be tired.

Either way, I’m taking these very wary steps. Social things are better unforced, trying to communicate capably is tiring, and I’m enjoying the space.

That paragraph probably sounds like it came out of nowhere. That’s alright. If I don’t understand the reference in the future, I would count myself successful.

On a vet student note, I am currently feeling a little overwhelmed by the semester. I suspect this will be a trend. And, oddly enough, I feel too phlegmatic to think through that further or even continue this post.

This will be an interesting semester to cap off an interesting year.

No, wait, I hope it will be less interesting than last semester.

Being interesting, it seems, is terribly stressful.