One Day

by Rie

I have finally gotten around to reading ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls.

I started this post on page 364. I am now finished.

This post will be a short one because I was only pausing to muse: Would I ever enter a relationship to escape loneliness?

I’m afraid that I will. I’m afraid that I’ll be trapped and miserable (as I was) because I’ll enter something and fear being alone so much that I’d sit in a poison till it reached my heart.

On another note, I finished my beef placement today!

I don’t feel very good. I’m exhausted and sun-touched.

Sun-touched as in, artificially (or naturally, I suppose) rosy-cheeked and slightly delirious.

But it was a good placement. I don’t regret going down there today.

Still. Now. Sleep. Soon.