by Rie

It is 8.01 now.

I’m thinking, as I am wont to do.

The first thing I saw this morning was a New York Times article on the refugee situation in Australia. The second thing I saw was an article on Typhoon Haiyan. The third thing was an Anonymous hacker handed the maximum sentence.

I’m still thinking because it’s hard to put together.

My reaction to the typhoon is simple. That’s horrible. Someone send money, food, supplies. But, then, I was stunned by the sheer simplicity of how I thought I could fix a problem. And I’m not even thinking cynically. I’m not doubting that aid gets to people or that people can help by doing little things.

But there has to be another level to this, right? I’m pretty sure there have been at least 2 major natural disasters this year. Things will not change next year. How do you make things change next year?

I’m looking at these pictures and have deja vu creeping up my spine. There’s no visceral reaction, no pulling of emotional heart strings, and this is weird because I am the biggest crybaby I know.

And now I have 15 tabs open devoted to natural disasters, so moving on.

The refugee situation I don’t understand enough to comment on. I can’t say something intellectual about either Australia’s moral responsibility or the economic repercussions but I do find these things interesting in tandem. What is it about society that it is driven to do the “right” thing even when it might not be “right” at all?

We had this class on wildlife rehabilitation. Basically, it was depressing. You could fix a hundred animals up and have them all die once you’ve released them. You know this from experience and you put them through more misery by trying to support them for six months. But euthanasia sounds so cruel. But trying to save them is the “right” thing to do.

I have no clue where I’m going with this, so moving on again.

The hacking thing is interesting, in general, because I’m a techie and I like the idea of encryption. Also, I find hacktivist a funny word. It’s clever. I suppose you could draw parallels with Batman and the like – vigilantes taking the law into their own hands.

But I guess when they’re not rich and good-looking and in comic books (mostly that they’re not confined to comic books), they are quite terrifying. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about WikiLeaks, actually. Some people are so enamored with wrenching power from the government on deciding what they have the right to know that I’m quite terrified of them, too.

They remind me of those slightly screwed up heroes that become villains.

Anyway, I’ve got to stop reading the news. I’ve got to stop thinking, too, darn it. You do not know how hard it is to study when you constantly go off on these random tangents. Okay, maybe you do. But, anyway, I’ve got 4 tests left! That’s exciting.

A little bit worried about the grown-up stuff: car, house, money, and the looming mid-life crises (plural because I doubt myself very much) but that will have to wait. Now I’m just sleepy again. On the bright side, writing keeps my brain quiet for the next day or so. Going to totally do this study thing properly.