The Thursday Count

by Rie

Tomorrow’s the last day of my horse placement. Here are a few numbers to summarise the week. I’m too tired and sore to type.

That’s right: you can be too sore to type. My fingers ache from the hours spent clenched around a shovel/rake/broom. I can’t think of an appropriate segue to describe the state of my feet. My poor, aching tarsus.

So, the count:

Times electrocuted: 11

Fully mobile fingers: 7

Hours worked: 42

Distance walked: 78 km

Skin tones: 4 (plus red)

Horses: 35

Workers: 2 (sometimes 3!)

It was quite a nice week, actually. Misfortune has not befallen me this time ’round. I’m just sore. And stupid. My tri-toned arms can be attributed to my forgetting to put on sunblock, then, remembering the next day only to forget putting it on my hands.

Also, I have a new-found hatred for flies. It was one thing when they were on my food. I mean, fine, I can throw it out. But why – and I mean it in a desperate sort of way – would they land all over my face while I’m cleaning the paddocks? It is not a matter of not knowing where they have been, I know they’ve been sitting on manure, but why my face? I felt like a horse for the whole of today. With my hair pulled up into a ponytail (yes, I just heard myself – pony, I get it) and a fringe (equivalent to a horse’s forelock) falling down my face, I was shooing flies by bobbing my head up and down and flicking my head.

I’m making it sound dramatic, I know. Some other vet student out there probably has it rougher than me.

With reference to my previous placement, I kinda prefer electrocution to poisonous plants. The effects are shorter. Some shocks leave you in a daze but the effects don’t last the whole week.

Oh, and the farmer’s cat gave birth! I witnessed Stage 2 and 3 of parturition!

That sentence right there is the only vet-ty thing I’ve said, I think.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to be over.