by Rie

A brief post to fill the space. It’ll be mostly disjointed – my eyes hurt.

My absence can be attributed to many things. It is not for lack of content; there is so much to write about.

But I’m tired. So, so tired. I’m finding everything physically and emotionally exhausting.

I’m writing a lot more. That’s tiring, too, though.

A friend told me he finds people disappointing; he doesn’t know how much I am inclined to agree. I’m worried that I agree. Then, again, I did boil friendships down into a series of microtransactions.

I find it easier to feel when I’m feeling for fictional people. Crying through a sad movie makes more sense than crying for selfish reasons. Being angry at a scheming character feels better than just being angry.

That said, I am angry. I’m angry at the leaders of my country. I want to write about this at length but, right now, I’m just reading. I don’t understand. This sounds pretentious now that I read it again. (It sounded even more pretentious before I edited it.)

First, a nap.