by Rie

I was thinking a little bit about emotions in relation to psychopathy. Mostly because I was feeling very disconnected and was wondering whether I could potentially be one. But after going down that rabbit hole, I’ve decided that I wouldn’t make a very good psychopath.

But it strikes me that the most social people have beginnings in it. And by most social, I mean the people who are either very good at being socially correct or charismatic enough to pretend they are. The intersection of science and art in this eludes me; I think it would be difficult to characterise all glib people as psychopaths but it can be assumed all psychopaths are glib.

It makes an excellent sensationalist headline but nobody can really agree on these things, so…moving on.

I went on to think about emotionally manipulative people. People who attempt to correct the emotions felt toward them. (Is this a good enough definition?) I thought of the negative connotation and couldn’t correct it. Yet, I can understand the underlying motivation. Why wouldn’t you want to change someone’s opinion of yourself? But, then, I suppose the question is: how are you doing so? Could you get away with it? Why can’t everyone just like you? Wouldn’t life be so much easier? How can you use to your advantage the people who do like you?

Even if I understood that of you, though, and empathised, could you understand that I fear you and everything you stand for? That the fundamental building blocks of your automation – your attempts at putting emotions into boxes and reacting correctly – may not have universal appeal? Men of stronger hearts would sooner lose battles and wars than face what they truly fear. And, these days, the fear of what isn’t real pulls a much tighter noose. The world is largely black and white and shadows and shapes but, with humans, nothing can be right or wrong except that which is decided by the fallible laws that govern countries and societies. Crucially: there are no laws dictating what can and cannot be feared. There are no laws on the rights and wrongs of emotions.

This is so much better than thinking about my problems. (And then baking thrice in a week to mend those scars. I highly, highly recommend having some cheese cake today. I bought a kilogram of cream cheese for such purposes.)