by Rie

In my best impression of a politician’s voice: I am downright ashamed to be Malaysian. On the bright side, I’m not Sabahan. I can only imagine them hiding their faces.

But I’m not going to comment much on him. I sort of imagine him as an attention sponge; I think he enjoys going viral. (He was also previously condemned for sexist remarks.)

Watching his Twitter feed fill up with personal responses from the man himself, I have realised something horrible.

Not everyone realises that he’s wrong. Never mind the ‘Long live Hitler’ comment, this conversation almost briefly degenerated into all-out anti-semitism. One person had written, and I’m paraphrasing here: “I support your tweet. This is because Muslims have the same enemy as Hitler, that is, the Jews.”

God. Really?

Or to be politically incorrect: Insya Allah. (Because, of course, in Malaysia you can ban words.)

Of course, this fellow retweeted it.

Now, I’m not saying all Muslims are like this. This is a small sect of them (I hope). Sure, choose sides at the West Bank conflict but to support the systematic demolition of an entire race? That’s being xenophobic (this word was invented for this very purpose, unfortunately). To be a Nazi in a time without the socio-economic context of Germany in the 1930’s is really just stupid (this word was also invented for such a sentence; I’m wary of using it for any other purpose now).

He issued an apology after his higher-ups told him it wasn’t politically savvy. Unfortunately, they didn’t tell him why. He apologised for insulting the Germans.

Excuse me while I heave a deep sigh.

I don’t proclaim to be a very intelligent person. This blog actually proves the contrary. But, really? Really? That’s what you’re sorry for?

And why can’t he spell ‘apology’ correctly?

I fear for you Malaysia. This is a member of your parliament and chairman of a major government body. He also has the words Supreme Council Chairman of BN Kinabatangan written on his profile.

I think BN, also the ruling party of my nation, is scrambling to shove socks into this fellow’s mouth.

He just retweeted an insult.

I now rescind all the possessive pronouns in the above post.

Hey, Sarawak, can we talk cessation again? (I joke.)