by Rie

I have to rant about something.

Why – and imagine my voice being strained with desperation – is it that the value of a person can be determined by the nature of their romantic relationships? Or lack thereof.

I was thinking, recently, that I don’t particularly care for being in one. Except that my mind was straining just thinking about what people would say. In the end, I acquiesced to fate. I was like, “Whatever. Throw one at me. Or don’t. There’s really not much of a difference. There will be probably lots of striving in either.”

There’s this thing that some attached/married/whatever people do; they assume they’re happier than you are because they are a two-in-one and you are one. I have been a two-in-one before and it was possibly the most destructive thing I’ve ever encountered. (Should I run into anything more destructive, I would probably need to scrape my brains off the ceiling.)

Look, two-in-ones are for bargains. Unless you have a productive relationship, I really don’t care. You’re more likely to grate on my nerves. Or the nerves of everyone around you.

Believe it or not, they might not actually be that bitter. I think it’s demeaning of you to assume that they are.

Forget heteronormativity, y’all. I may be one of the more domestic girls you’ll meet but I really, really don’t think that should pigeonhole me. My gender, I suppose, would already lead to this pigeonholing, though.

It’ll probably be easier to be a full-blown misandrist. The legit kind. But not quite capable of that. Some guys are decent. Some.

Edit: The equivalent of this post from the male perspective is fully accepted. Some girls are decent. This subset of decency may not include me.

Some background: There was an errant comment that ran along the lines of, “Oh, well. At least she’s been married before. [So it’s not like she’s completely unwanted haha].”

Subtext my own.

I think it’s grossly unfair that there are different adjectives assigned to the same actions of different genders. (This has probably made its rounds everywhere but whatever.) My ex once showed me this really popular meme that ran wild on the social media circuit. The question was: Why is it that a guy who sleeps around is more celebrated than a girl who sleeps around? And there was this disgusting answer about useless locks and skeleton keys.

Just, no.

I suppose you could take everything I’ve just mentioned with a grain of salt. What do I know? I’m the anxious one.