by Rie

A quick one because I am exhausted…from doing absolutely nothing.

I really can’t tell if I’m an introvert or extrovert anymore. It’s like I vacillate between the two. On one hand, yes, I gain tons of energy from the people around me. They’re like mid-afternoon pick-me-ups when my lids are forcing me into a nap. On the other, I am in my room, in the quiet, just recharging.

My laptop has broken down. Which is irritating. The Microsoft people are quite lovely and are sending me a new Pro 3. Thank goodness for warranty. Although, would it be so bad to open a physical store? So, I can be like those raving Americans who just walked into a store and walked back out again. But, fine, Microsoft, you arranged the courier service. If you had made me pay for that, my brand loyalty would have been hacked away.

The Raspberry Pi isn’t working as well as I’d hoped. It’s working in that it turns on. But…it can’t go online. I tried to get help on forums but I get this horrible, exclusive vibe from the forums. Look, guys, I know I’m a half-baked geek to you. I swear, though, when I’m trying to get online, I’m not flouting any university rules; give me the benefit of the doubt. Also, you can’t just assume everyone speaks Terminal. I’m learning. It’s taking time. And I’m a vet student, darn you. Stop sapping the fun out of my geek. The university’s IT people were nicer but all I got was that they don’t deal with Linux much.

I’m indignant enough to become geekier. But there’s only one monitor in this room and that’s for the backup laptop.

Also, I set up the proxy and ifconfig tells me the internet is actually working less now. And I get no pings. No proxy and I get pings. What.

I’ll have to fix it soon. But my week’s “break” is over. I have another test in 6 days. And two full farm days. And, possibly, no laptop. I think I’ll have to cram radiography into two days.

Eh, I’ve done worse.

On the vet student side of things, things are going swimmingly. I’m never going to be that gunner who gets straight A’s (or even the kid who just pays attention) but things are fine. Can’t complain. I have less apathy for my future profession now, so there’s a hope I won’t be completely restless. It’s week 9, too. I’m almost done with first semester. Time is moving too fast. I think it’s a sign of ageing.

Have I mentioned that I’m possibly less of a writer because I’m less of an anxious, depressed cow? (I may still be a cow – sigh – but I’ll deal.) It’s not a bad thing. I feel like I’m missing an arm. Which doesn’t help with the drawing.

Where are the pretty thoughts, brain? And don’t you dare bring the ugly ones to the party.

I think I’m getting dumber. I should mention that, too.