by Rie

I had a draft, darn it. And now I don’t.

I’ve spent the past weeks devouring the remains of books I’ve left unfinished.

2015-11-15 12.28.24

Notice how they’re all from the library? I love the library.

The free hours I have also afforded me time to re-think my position on very many things. But, basically I spent all my free time thinking about myself. This should not surprise you; it certainly doesn’t surprise me.

I wrote the chunk above three days ago. Now I’m trying to push words out of my mind because it feels slightly paralysed. There is work to be done! Clinical rotations have started and I feel underprepared. I adore my supervisor, though. She loves teaching. There’s so much value in that.

Till next time. I’m swamped in the vaccination debate. This time for horses. Who knew there were pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination camps everywhere? Feh.