by Rie

There is no appropriate title for this post – well, at least none that are not excessively pretentious or schmaltzy – so, it will remain untitled.

I made it clear to myself in the first few posts of this blog that this entire thing was a record for myself. This sort of statement was also a sort of shield for my ego since it was important for the blog to remain a true record rather than a shrine to myself. (What a blow to my ego it would be if my shrine were not frequented.)

I like to think I have grown in the past five years as a writer. Certainly, I have grown in the past five years as a veterinarian.

While writing I’ve actually forgotten to preface this post with this: I have finished my studies. I am a veterinarian.

I can’t write anything pretty around that statement because I don’t know what I feel about it.

My parents are here to celebrate with me. I haven’t quite celebrated because I don’t know how.

Oh, my. This post is difficult to write.

But here it is. To be followed up better (maybe) soon.