A Love

by Rie


You don’t know how grateful I am, little one, that you’ve found a home.

You’re a spunky little darling who tried very hard to be near me.


Very, very hard.

Yet, you found enough time in your day to be away from me. Napping wherever you fancied. Exploring the nooks and corners of the house.

Making me panic because you were so very small and so very curious.

I hope you’ll grow up to be a little queen. You were the kitten too weak to roll over. You were the kitten too weak to suckle properly. You were the first to show signs of cat flu (you made my heart spasm because they said they might euthanise you; you were only a week-and-a-half).

But you’re also the kitten who insistently grabbed for her bottle by the time she was three weeks old. You decided who you liked before your eyes opened and followed him around when you could see him. You skipped around the apartment and chased the toys I bought (even if you were more fascinated by the clear cover – you sat on it a lot). You liked climbing (I was so happy you were getting so strong).


Grow up well. Stay out of trouble. I love you.


So very, very much.