My ‘About’ pages always sound pretentious. This has held true since I was 13 and was convinced I needed a social-networking account. Then again, I find a lot of spaces like these overly lofty – like the writer is blowing smoke and angling mirrors, so the only things you see are what you are meant to see.

But, perhaps, these things are necessary, if only to provide context to the words and pictures.

So, here we go.

I like things. I like lots of things, so my interests scatter across fairly random fields. This makes me a geek, I think, and I like that.

I like books. Sitting in a library, amongst shelves, staring at books calms me down. Sitting in a library calms me down in general. Library dwellers are generally clever people, what with a millennia of ideas sitting on said shelves. I just like to think I’m clever – it’s just that I’m not sure what clever is anymore.

Among the things I like: animals. For that reason, I am in Sydney, studying to be a vet. This could lead to many cool pictures of guts and such but I am not comfortable sharing them. I don’t think you’d be comfortable seeing them (unless you’re a vet student, in which case, you’re probably happily desensitised).

I am addicted to thinking. It’s not a particularly good habit. But I do it. A lot. It helps with the writing. I like writing. It’s one of those things I hope I’m good at, so I can give myself an excuse to continue writing. Vet school, unfortunately, steals most of that time away.

There we go. I think the rest can be read between the lines of the things I write.

I hope you like it? (Question mark fully intended.)